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Reception Room of ITCCJC Received an Enthusiastic Response
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Indonesia Taiwan Chambers of Commerce-Junior Chapter《ITCCJC》presented an online Facebook broadcast "Reception Room of ITCCJC" on the evening of June 24th.  The chairman of ITCCJC, Taffy Chang, hosted the event and invited the legislator of the Legislative Yuan- Andy Chiu to share the business and serving experience in Vietnam.  It attracted more than 80 global young entrepreneurs including Indonesia to watch online and join the activity.

Andy Chiu, once honored Top 10 Outstanding Young Persons, told his stories of more than 10 years of hardworking in Vietnam.  In his time of involving in the Taiwanese Junior Chambers of Commerce, he accumulated lots of experience and networking process. Andy Chiu affirmed that the OCAC has supported the development of Overseas Compatriot Entrepreneurs for many years with the intention of serving overseas compatriot businessmen.  He also mentioned that because of the support from OCAC, he got the opportunity to provide better services for Taiwanese businessmen.  Now, as a legislator of the Legislative Yuan, he will keep supervising the government.  To gain more policy resources, he called on young businessmen friends to join the chamber of commerce to make Taiwanese businessmen more powerful.

During the exchange of questions, the audience raised questions such as "What is your advice for the development of young people going overseas?" and "Insights on the benefits of the New Southbound Policy". Andy Chiu encouraged young entrepreneurs to improve their expertise, make good use of resources, and undertake the responsibilities of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce to make greater contributions to the country.
At the same time, they also believe that the main benefit of the New Southbound Policy is the continuous  exchange of humanities and tourism, which brings Taiwanese new understanding of Southeast Asia, and  which is as valuable as economic benefits.

Taffy Chang said that due to the impact of the epidemic (COVID-19) this year, many activities could not be held.  But the enthusiasm of the ITCCJC service was not affected. With the support of OCAC, the first live broadcast was successful.  In addition to thanking the guests, he also thanked the professional team and friends from all over the world for their enthusiastic participation.
          Wong Shu Hwa, the expatriate division director of TETO, said that Andy Chiu's service has been affirmed by overseas compatriots. In 2016, he served as the chairman of the World Youth Chamber of Youth Branch of the World Taiwan Chamber of Commerce.  Today, as the incumbent Secretary General of the World Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, he warmly encouraged the young entrepreneurs in Indonesia and shared experiences with them.
Legislator Andy Chiu (3rd from left)、Chairman Taffy Chang(3rd from right)and the work team
Live broadcast
Interaction with the audience