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295 overseas compatriot school teachers take part in the 2019 Australia and New Zealand Chinese Language Teachers’ Workshop
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The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) sends lecturers from Taiwan on overseas teaching tours annually to raise the professional level of teachers at overseas compatriot schools  while also using the opportunity to promote traditional Chinese character study and introduce  Taiwan’s diverse and innovative teaching methods so that Taiwan’s high quality traditional character Chinese language teaching can be promoted while benefitting the teachers of overseas compatriot schools in different areas. 

    The 2019 Australia and New Zealand Chinese Language Teachers’ Workshop was held July 1-19. The OCAC sent Professors Tsai Yah-hsun of National Taiwan Normal University and Associate Professor Li Yu-chin of Chung Yuan Christian University on a teaching tour of Australia and New Zealand taking in five stops, namely Brisbane,  Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand. With the theme of Chinese teaching theory, the trainees learned about  K-12 Children’s Chinese language teaching, elementary and middle school Chinese language teaching, Chinese character teaching/character analysis, Bopomofo (Annotated Sounds) and Hanyu Pinyin (Chinese transliteration system) teaching methods, digital tools and game-type Chinese language teaching. Through Chinese language course design and teaching practice courses such as class activity drills, group discussion  and demonstration teaching, combined  with new digital teaching methods, theory and practice were combined.
    This year the Workshop attracted 295 teachers from overseas compatriot schools. The trainees at each stop were very enthusiastic, studied diligently and took the opportunity to interact with the lecturers; they all said that the varied and practical course contents had taught them a lot. It is hoped that, after attending the Workshop, the teachers will continue to pass on traditional Chines character Chinese language teaching for the benefit of overseas compatriot students in Australia and New Zealand.
Trainees in a group photo at the first stop (Brisbane).
Trainees in a group photo at the second stop (Melbourne).
Trainees in a group photo at the third stop (Sydney).
Trainees in class at the fourth stop (Perth, Western Australia).
OCAC Deputy Minister Kao Chien-chih attended the Auckland Chinese Language Teachers’ Workshop and was photographed with the two lecturers.