Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle

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The Auditorium
The auditorium can be used for social gathering, seminar, meeting, art gallery or pictorial display. The space could accommodate up to 130 people, it is equipped with modern meeting presentation gears, audio video devices and Karaoke. Also, a wide screen TV can receive news from Taiwan Macroview TV.


The Classroom
The classroom is used for either a class teaching or meeting.


The Computer Room
The computer room is equipped with ten computers and provide free access to the internet.

The Library
Currently, the library offers a variety of Taiwanese newspapers, books and magazines. It is an ideal place where people can find information regarding Taiwanese history, culture, and tourism.



Books, Newspaper, and DVD Lending Service
The Center provides books, newspaper, and DVD lending service. Our library collects a variety of Chinese newspapers, magazines, books and DVDs. People may apply membership card which allow you to borrow books, DVDs, CDs, and educational audio/video tapes. 


Dancing Cloths and Costumes Lending Service
The center keeps a wide collection of various dynasty and ethnic clothing. Further, the inventory also includes cultural related game gears frequently used during major traditional ethnic festivals. 


Co-Sponsor Cultural Events
Through offering facility support, the center cosponsors Chinese cultural and Taiwanese heritage events: such as visual art display, photography, folk dancing, seminar, music presentation, etc. 


Sponsor Lectures and Seminars to Immigrants 
To help new immigrants familiarize themselves with main stream society, the center periodically sponsors lectures and seminars on how to adapt to the new environment. 


Offer Business Know-How and Networking 
Recognizing the fact that most immigrants will engage in business venture, the center coordinates various supporting programs to help business succeed. Also, it coordinates training programs to compatriots offered by OCAC in Taiwan. The training programs cover a wide variety of subjects including: business administration, electronic commerce, managing food industry, entrepreneur startup, Young Entrepreneur Business Management, Chinese teaching, etc. 

Provide Online Information Services 
To better serve the Chinese community, the center officially commenced its online service in September 1999. Through the website, Overseas Compatriots can now conveniently retrieve the first hand information from our web page. The website is full of updated information which include : the news, upcoming events, community networks, recent activities of the local communities.

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