Culture Center of OCAC in Sydney

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  Date Established: 12th November 1987
Address: Level 6, 8 Thomas St. Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia
Opening Hours: 10 am ~ 5 pm, Tuesday to Saturdays (Closed on Sundays, Mondays & Public Holidays)

Sydney Chinese Culture & Education Centre (SCCEC) is the Sydney service office of the OCAC, the Republic of China. SCCEC provides the Chinese community in Australia a variety of services, ranging from the promotion of Chinese culture and education, the facilitation of Chinese cultural events and activities, liaison services for Australian Chinese societies, assistance to Australian Chinese businessmen, to very basic and essential community service. In SCCEC's two-story office is also a Chinese library open to the public.

The Library 
With a collection of more than 25000 items of Chinese books, magazines, newspapers, videos, and VCDs, SCCEC library is a very popular place among the Chinese community in Sydney. Our library members can also watch Chinese Satellite TV and have free access to the internet. Friendly service and pleasant environment have made this library a home for the Chinese community and attracted members of all ages.

Chinese Costumes 

SCCEC has traditional Chinese costumes available for lending. These costumes have been the favorites of various Chinese community schools and societies when they hold cultural events and activities.

Liaison Services 
One of SCCEC's goals is to help the Australian Chinese community flourish and to facilitate cooperation and interaction among Chinese societies. SCCEC has thus maintained a strong connection with all kinds of Chinese clubs and societies through meetings, events, and activities.

Culture & Eudcation 
Education is the most fundamental part of our services. SCCEC's educational mission is to help Australian Chinese learn Chinese and to pass down Chinese culture to the next generation. SCCEC offers textbooks to more than 60 Chinese community schools in Australia, and coordinates Chinese teachers' training courses both in Australia and in Taiwan. To help the younger generations learn about Chinese culture, SCCEC offers opportunities of youth-oriented cultural activities for young people to learn Chinese and interact with Chinese and Taiwanese culture in Taiwan.

Business Services 

SCCEC seeks to establish partnerships with Chinese-businessmen in Australia, to foster mutual cooperation, and to link the welfare of individual Australian Chinese to that of Australia. We ultimately wish to promote the economic prosperity in Australia, and achieve mutually beneficial results for Australian Chinese themselves, Australia, and for the Republic of China. To this aim, SCCEC provides opportunities of a variety of management, finance, and trade seminars to keep Australian Chinese enterprises well informed of the latest business knowledge and strengthen their management skills.

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Culture Center of OCAC in Sydney
Address: Level 6, 8 Thomas St. CHATSWOOD NSW 2067 AUSTRALIA 
Opening Hours: 10 am ~ 5 pm, Tuesday to Saturday (Closed on Sundays, Mondays & Public Holidays)