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Title : Sharing of overseas Chinese perspectives on Macroview TV
Date : 2012/8/30 Deadline : 2012/12/31

In order to facilitate relationship establishing between overseas Chinese and those residing in Taiwan, OCAC with the assistance of our foreign offices invited many overseas Chinese professionals to share their point of view on Taiwan on the new programs "Literati & Political Affairs" and "Taiwan Outlook" on the Macroview TV.?br>
These programs offer open comprehensive discussions between the hosts and their guests on a variety of topics. Interviewees are free to talk about their perspectives on the development of Taiwan, the difficult path to reach their own success, or their expectations and suggestions for Taiwan.?br>
The host of "Literati & Political Affairs", Mr. Shi-Ping Tsai, takes his viewers on a tour of Taiwanese artistry, dynamic culture and political policies, allowing Chinese all around the world to have a deeper understanding of Taiwan. "Taiwan Outlook", hosted by Dr. Ray-Kuo, Wu is conducted entirely in English to explore various domestic issues.?br>
In addition to fixed segments, current events or issues would be brought into the shows for discussion. OCAC also welcomes anyone who is interested in sharing their experience and perspective on these shows to contact our foreign offices. More information can also be found on the Macroview TV website at .