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Title : Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association Flag Raising Ceremony Summons Hundreds of Overseas Compatriots
Date : 2012/8/8 Deadline : 2013/12/31

Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) held the flag raising ceremony on July 4th in celebration of the 236th anniversary of Independence Day of the United States of America. Organized by CCBA and Chinese American Veterans Association, nearly hundreds of overseas compatriots gathered to sing the national anthem in front of the CCBA.

The flag raising ceremony was solemn with Mr. Wing Lau, Executive Secretary of CCBA as the host, and Wilma Pang, Founder of ABCT (A Better Chinatown Tomorrow) and professor in City College of San Francisco led the crowd to sing the national anthem.

Mr. Kenny K. Tse, president of CCBA said that CCBA flag raising ceremony of July 4th has been held for several decades. It was co-hosted by seven Benevolent Associations and everyone is welcomed to attend. It has become one of the most important celebrations in Chinatown. President Tse also commented that every Chinese immigrant here in the United States understands the meaning and the importance of Independence Day, and he hoped to further encourage this patriotism through the ceremony.

Mr. C. C. Yu, president of Hop Wo Benevolent Association thought that the flag raising ceremony was especially meaningful with many overseas compatriots participate in it every year. He emphasized that overseas compatriots should demonstrate the passion and willingness to assimilate into the mainstream society as well as loyalty to the United States. Overseas compatriots should regard the United States as their "second motherland" and contribute to its prosperity and stability.