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Title : President: All efforts to make Taiwan stand out
Date : 2012/8/8 Deadline : 2013/12/31
On June 18th, president Ma remarked in the video "Listen. Taiwan" that leading Taiwan to become one of the top countries of the world is his greatest dream, and he will put in all the efforts to make this dream come true.

The Office of President has released the second part of President Ma's video collection "Listen. Taiwan." The video features president's attendance in the forum "Blueprint for the 100 New Generation's dream" in National Heng Chun Vocational High School. Master baker Wu Pao-chun and film director Lin Yu-Hsien also participated in the forum by sharing their life experiences with the youth attendees.

President Ma recalls it was in high school he began learning different subjects and started developing new ideas. He thought that more structure and development is needed for this country, especially in the field of politics, law and order and civil construction. He was determined to dedicate himself to democracy and law & order of the country.

He commented that with his decision to run for presidency, he knew there were problems that must be addressed but could not be resolved in short time. He was extremely grateful that the people of Taiwan have decided to give him another term to lead the country and continue his action plan. President Ma says that he shall leverage the energy of the people to bring Taiwan onto the world stage.

Director Lin recalled, "I decided to shoot the movie "Jump Boys!" when I became unemployed, I borrowed a good quality camera to prevent from being mocked, and when I told my mother that I'm home to shoot a movie for at least six months, my mom broke out in tears."

Director Lin added that Shiao-En, the six-year old boy in the movie enjoyed learning how to somersault backward a lot more than he enjoyed getting the perfect grade in class. "Are you happy?" the boy asked Lin, in response to that question, Lin decided to use the next year to make this film, making sure he has no regret in life.

Wu Pao-chun also explained how he came to be the master baker he is today. In junior high school when he saw his mother having to borrow money to go to the doctor, the strong desire to be successful was initiated in his heart.

Master continued to say that he only started to learn reading in the military service when other solders taught him phonetic alphabets. He then realized that he needed to challenge the fate that had been imposed upon him and create his own destiny.