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Title : Ministry of Education widens the admission requirement allowing more overseas Chinese students to pursue further studies in Taiwan
Date : 2012/6/15 Deadline : 2013/12/31

On May 22nd, the Ministry of Education announced that the college admission requirement would be further relaxed to allow more overseas Chinese students to pursue further studies in Taiwan.

The amendment to "Policy for foreign students studying in Taiwan" states that foreign students who also have Taiwanese nationality have spent time taking Chinese classes, technical training courses, exchange programs (no more than 2 years) or internships, and the time spent will not be counted towards the "continuous residence requirement" (foreign students cannot stay more than 120 days in Taiwan each year). In addition, foreign students who are permanent residents of Hong Kong/Macau who have followed the "continuous residence requirement" are also eligible to study in Taiwan starting in August.

The Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations commented that feedback received from schools and students reflects that many second and third generation of overseas Chinese who are here in Taiwan to study Chinese, often wish to continue studying in colleges or graduate schools, but they were unable to do so due to the time limitation posed upon them (these programs typically last longer than 120 days).

The Bureau explained that in the past students who have permanent residency in Hong Kong / Macau were able to stay and study, but students who also have foreign nationality were not able to. Complementing the new policy in recruiting foreign students, partial requirement were further relaxed and administrative procedure were simplified to make studying in Taiwan more attractive to foreign students.

With this amendment, many overseas Chinese who are here in the exchange programs or study Chinese (who also have Taiwanese nationality) will all be able to apply directly for colleges or graduate schools for further studies; foreign students and Hong Kong /Macau residents can continue to do so as well. We believe this policy will successfully increase the number of foreign students coming to Taiwan for further studies.