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Title : Overseas Chinese students are granted for internships in Taiwan
Date : 2012/5/11 Deadline : 2013/12/31
Ministry of Education has launched the internship program for the outstanding overseas Chinese students last year, and the eligibility criteria were further relaxed as of March this year.

Overseas Chinese students internship application guidelines released last May by the Ministry of Education, states that an overseas Chinese student is only eligible to apply for an internship post graduation if he or she 1) has at least a B grade average (B+ for graduate students), 2) is ranked in top 20% of class or 3) has participated in international or national special skill competitions. The duration of internship is six month, and can be renewed for a longer term if desired.

Overseas Compatriot Educational Committee Director, Shu-Chen Lin explained that the number of applications was not high last year due to tight deadlines immediately after the release of the revised internship eligibility criteria. She would like to make some necessary adjustments and encourage more overseas Chinese students to apply this year.

Many overseas Chinese students tend to get lower grade average in the first semester as they get adjusted to living in Taiwan. One of the changes is to start evaluating a yearly grade average instead of a semester to allow overseas Chinese students time to get used to a new life in Taiwan.

Additional changes might include extending the six-month internship to one year, which shall be determined through preliminary scrutiny of each school and then the final inspection approved by the Ministry of Education.