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Title : President said Taiwan's dedication of love won the reputation towards the world
Date : 2012/5/11 Deadline : 2013/12/31

On March 22nd, president Ma met with the leaders of the 19th "Outstanding Youth Award" winning association, and proudly declared that Taiwan has established a reputation for its dedication towards international charity.

President said that there were currently millions of volunteers and more than 40,000 non-profit organizations in Taiwan. Over the past 3 years, Executive Yuan has been sending over 520,000 volunteers overseas as the peace corp., winning Taiwan a reputation for our contributions in charity.

President Ma pointed out that Taiwan, the Republic of China has been showing her brilliant performance globally because of the efforts in charity. With only 17.5 billion yen were donated for the Japanese earthquakes on March 11th last year from 93 countries of the world, but Taiwan unbelievably donated 20 billion yen to Japan. As a token of appreciation, the deputy representative of House of Representatives of Japan paid a visit to Taiwan unprecedentedly last year.

The deputy representative's visited Taiwan has demonstrated part of their deep appreciation towards Taiwanese people as the Japanese typically show friendliness through their actions.