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Title : New Era to Sell Insurance Plan
Date : 2011/12/19 Deadline : 2012/12/19
New Era Insurance founded by Dr. Bill Chen is headquartered in Houston, Texas. He has designed an insurance plan for overseas compatriots to receive medical treatment in Taiwan.

In order to acquaint medical institutions and hospitals with their new insurance plan, New Era Insurance Company came to Taiwan and gave a presentation to representatives from JCI-accredited hospitals and researchers from the Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research.

Deputy Minister Albert Sit outlined three areas that the OCAC has focused on to promote Taiwanˇ¦s quality medical care services: encouraging compatriots to have health checks in Taiwan, attending foreigners to obtain medical treatment in Taiwan; and selling insurance plans that can cover the cost of medical treatments in Taiwan, which is exactly what the New Era Insurance Company has done.

The New Era Insurance Company is the only corporation that is run by Chinese Americans and has business license in 48 states including Texas, California, and Pennsylvania. The insurance plan to cover medical treatment in Taiwan was approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. New Era will continue to apply for approval in other states so it can reach its target market˘w Asia Americans. He estimates that within four years 1% of all Asian Americans will join the insurance plan and that it will have covered US$80 billion in medical treatment.