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Title : Taiwan Academies open in US, project soft power
Date : 2011/12/19 Deadline : 2012/12/19
ˇ§Taiwan Academies will open in Houston, Los Angeles and New York on Oct. 14,ˇ¨ announced Minister without Portfolio Ovid J.L. Tzeng at a press conference held by the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA) on October 12.

CCA Minister Emile Chih-jen Sheng said the academies are important platforms for projecting the nationˇ¦s soft power. The three main goals of Taiwan Academies are to encourage the teaching of Mandarin and traditional Chinese characters, to promote Sinology, and to share Taiwan's multicultural experience. In order to achieve these goals, the Taiwan Academy will set up locations and contact points in key cities across the globe, establish a digital integrated information platform, and award the Taiwan Academy Scholarship.

Minister Sheng expressed plans to open such institutes in Asia and Europe in the future. He said that as of early October, Taiwan has signed letters of intent with 88 educational organizations in 30 countries to help promote events and information about Taiwan Academies, and that number is expected to grow to 200 in a short time.

According to Minister Sheng, the Taiwan Academy, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, will offer scholarships worth over NT$640 million (US$21.1 million) every year to encourage Taiwan studies, Sinology and academic research on Chinese language and literature.