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OCAC, R.O.C. (Taiwan)
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Overseas Chinese Student Counseling Service

(1) Admission Assistance to Returning Overseas Chinese Students
Handles provision of information for overseas Chinese students on schooling opportunities in Taiwan, distribution of admission forms, review of qualifications of overseas Chinese students, delivery of admissions notices, admission recommendations, certificates of educational background of overseas Chinese students, and certificates that entitle overseas Chinese students to bonus scores.
Phone: (02) 2327-2639

(2) Educational Counseling for Returning Overseas Chinese Students
Handles visitation with returning overseas Chinese students, staff training, medical emergency visits and subsidies, overseas Chinese student insurance and enrolling overseas Chinese students in the national health insurance program.
Phone: (02) 2327-2814

Organizes returning overseas Chinese student spring reunions, accepts donation of scholarships and scholarship application from outstanding returning overseas Chinese students.
Phone: (02) 2327-2816

Issues work-study stipends to returning overseas Chinese students from low-income families, records activities of returning overseas Chinese students and provides military service counseling.
Phone: (02) 2327-2816

Provides assistance for arriving overseas Chinese students.
Phone: (02) 2327-2818

(3) Counseling Services for Overseas Chinese Graduates
Helps overseas Chinese graduates from Malaysia with communication and organization of alumni association.
Phone: (02) 2327-2817

Helps overseas Chinese graduates from areas other than Malaysia with communication and organization of alumni association.
Phone: (02) 2327-2818

Accepts applications from outstanding overseas Chinese graduates for scholarship, and for stipends of overseas Chinese youth technical training program for the 3 major Traditional holidays.
Phone: (02) 2327-2820

Handles student recruitment, placement and educational counseling for overseas Chinese youth technical training program.
Phone: (02) 2327-2819

(4) Overseas Youth Activities
Expatriate Youth Taiwan Study Tour
To learn about Republic of China (Taiwan) as well as to promote international youth exchange. To Visit historical sites and natural environment in order to experience Taiwan's culture and beauty.
The study tour will take 3 weeks.
Phone: (02) 2327-2655

The Language Study Program for Expatriate Youth
To provide an educational program for Expatriate youth that improves their competency in spoken and written Chinese language, enhances their knowledge of Chinese and Taiwanese cultures, and deepens their understanding of the establishment and development of Taiwan, the Republic of China.
Phone: (02) 2327-2657

Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program in Taiwan
The program will be held during summer months. There are 350 volunteer spots available each year. Volunteers will participate in training courses during the first week and teach English at one of various remote schools during the second and third weeks. A tour of various areas of Taiwan will be conducted during the last week.
Phone: (02) 2327-2656

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Overseas Chinese Student Employment Information

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Overseas Chinese Student Forum

Provides information for overseas Chinese students

Student Application Guidelines

Provides information for overseas Chinese youths studying in Taiwan

School Assignment Lists

Provides acceptance lists for various overseas Chinese student application examinations

Overseas Chinese Student Statistics

Provides statistical information on overseas Chinese students by region

Overseas Chinese Student Rights

Overseas Chinese Student Guidelines

Overseas Chinese Student Counseling Handbook

Handling Periods for Public Applications

Handling Periods for Various Types of Public Applications

Important Matters for Overseas Chinese Student Counseling Office

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