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WTPA held a karaoke competition
Publish Time: 2017/09/15
Washington DC Taiwanese People Association held a karaoke competition at Culture Center of TECRO in the afternoon of September 9th.  There were more than 70 members and friends attended this activity.

Culter Center of TECRO Director Mr.Shih-Chih Chen expressed his greatitude toward for its role as an information exchange platform to help Taiwanese living in the Greater Washington area to solve the difficult problems in daily life.  This karaoke activities let us feel the warmth and support from the hometown of Taiwan.  He encouraged the younger generation to participate in various cultural and overseas community activities

Jia Chung Hwang, Chairman of the WTPA said this activity not only can make folks from Taiwan to know each other, but also to enhance the friendship and share the growth together, in a foreign land to support each other.

Update Date:2017/09/15
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