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Hakka Association of Great Washington area held a "New Taoyuan ˙ new Hakka" forum
Publish Time: 2017/08/12

Hakka Association of  Great Washington area  held a "New Taoyuan ˙ new Hakka" symposium at the Culture Center of TECRO on August 1. Nearly 40 people to participated.

The symposium was presided over by Zhu Meijin, president of the Greater Washington Hakka Association, and was promoted by Jiang Jayan on the Hakka Language Rooting, the promotion of Hakka culture, the promotion of industrial activities, the active participation of young people in Hakka Park, international urban exchange and multi-ethics merge.  She had an open discussion with all the participants. They also discussed on how to more lively and diversely to show and to promote Hakka culture from Taoyuan so that the new Hakka culture can be known to the whole Taiwan and to the World.


Update Date:2017/08/12
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