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OCAC offices
Department of Policy Research and Developement
Publish Date: 2014/03/18
Update Date: 2016/09/12

Duties of the 4 sections under Department of Policy Research and Development :

1. Policy Planning Section

(1) Development and analysis of overseas affairs policies
(2) Drafting of policy
(3) Writing of important compatriot affairs work reports
(4) Overseas compatriot affairs information collection and research
(5) Grants and funding for the development of the scholastic studies in overseas compatriot affairs
(6) Compiling of leader's handover detailed list

2. Control and Evaluation Section

(1) Compilation, control and assessment of mid-term and annual administrative plans and agency-listed plans
(2) Council affairs meeting minutes compilation, recording and evaluation 
(3) Document expediting and evaluation
(4) Reports collecting and compaction of the designated works among different levels of responsibilities
(5) Petitions from public and public service evaluation plan listing
(6) Risk management business listing
(7) Overseas trip execution and listing, annual main event and administrative calendar
(8) Business instructed by Executive Yuan cabinet meeting, the Premier or handed over by the secretary general

3. General Affairs Section

(1) Evaluation of professional reward medals 
(2) Planning of overseas compatriots returning for activities and celebrations
(3) Planning of Commissioners' Conference of OCAC and promotions of proposals
(4) Management of government publications
(5) Management of overseas community affairs and historical items
(6) Publication of compatriot affairs books
(7) Collecting, investigating and analyzing compatriot affairs information
(8) Supplementing and managing compatriot research books and reference materials
(9) Notification of urgent affairs of Executive Yuan and OCAC
(10) Coordination of important government regulations and proposals

4.Certification Section

(1) Issuance of Overseas Chinese Identity Certificate
(2) Examination and verification of passport endorsement of overseas compatriot status
(3) Research of laws and regulations of overseas Chinese identity certification and other relevant laws
(4) Research, inquiry service, coordination of laws and regulations regarding nationality, military service, immigrant, residence, settlement and employment in Taiwan of overseas Chinese.  
(5) Overseas Chinese identity certification related affairs

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