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OCAC offices
Information Management Office
Publish Date: 2014/02/20
Update Date: 2017/06/05

In a move to digitize data related to overseas compatriot affairs, OCAC set up Information and Archives Section in 1983, to be in charge of promoting matters concerning e-data. And as affairs concerning Taiwan's overseas compatriot affairs expanded in scope and complexity throughout the world in the globalization movement, information management also grew in importance. In keeping with the Executive Yuan's restructuring policy, OCAC reorganized the original Information and Archives Section into Information Management Office in 2012 to upgrade its professional capacity, so that it could more effectively put the latest information technologies to use to support the expansion in overseas compatriot affairs, boost the Council's digitization service performance, and ensure a secure, robust information management system.

See diagram 1 for the Office's organization structure. One director is assigned to oversee both Section of Information Management Planning and Section of Information System Service. Section of Information Management Planning is in charge of: the planning, setup and promotion of business information systems, the promotion and execution of an e-government service, and the planning and protection for a robust information management and security; Section of Information System Service manages the planning and supervision of the computer room, service collation, planning and execution of general administration systems, plus general planning and operation of OCAC's official website, and troubleshooting for the user side.

Due to a more rigorous budget control policy by the central government, and an increase in information services, the Information Management Office has taken measures to provide the soundest information service possible on limited resources available. It has installed a high-performance virtual machine workstation and a joint computer room. By reducing the number of server hosts, the Office has significantly reduced its operating costs. Also, with the popularity of mobile devices, and the trending information development services, the Office plans to incorporate mobile device solutions as it diversifies its system development services. It would also expand its resource applications and platforms, open up its information formatting and leverage the strength of new media platforms to upgrade OCAC's services for the people.

With greater conveniences brought about by information technologies, security concerns were also raised. The OCAC is a service organization devoted to foreign diplomacy matters, and considered a Level-A information security organization by the central government. All the information services are based on security concerns. To strengthen information protections, OCAC has launched an ISMS and a PIMS system, and periodically conducted breach scanning and infiltration testing across every information system and website to minimize any security risk. Also, encryption devices are installed across the Council and its overseas offices, and monitored by the Information Management Office in accordance with the government's security criteria. OCAC is committed to providing a secure, convenient information operating environment that keeps up with the times to facilitate information advancement of every overseas compatriot affairs service area.

Functions of the 2 sections under the Information Management Office :

Organization chart

Contact Information : +886-2-2327-2912


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