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OCAC offices
Accounting and Statistics Office
Publish Date: 2014/02/20
Update Date: 2014/04/16

Duties of the 3 sections under Accounting and Statistics Office :

●Main responsibilities and other 

(1) Internal control, performance evaluation and R&D. 
(2) Accounting staff affairs. 
(3) General affairs.

1. Annual budgeting and accounting Section 

(1) Annual budgeting, budget distribution, and final preparation of budget. 
(2) Budget editing for sending staff to station abroad. 
(3) Accounting reports and performance evaluation. 
(4) Various accounting books. 
(5) Vouchers and payments. 
(6) Management of accounting books, revenue collections and certificates. 
(7) Annual accounting and other related regulations.
(8) Other related affairs.

2. Auditing Section 

(1) Evaluation and control of budget. 
(2) The use of reserve funds. 
(3) Checking of matters regarding cash, checks and securities.
(4) Auditing of accounting process.
(5) Evaluation of procurement and disposal of properties. 
(6) Other internal audit matters.

3. Statistics Section 

(1) Demographics of Chinese in overseas communities. 
(2) Other surveys regarding Chinese in overseas communities.
(3) Gathering, analysis and calculation of surveys regarding overseas community affairs. 
(4) Establishment, management and usage of statistical data.
(5) Announcement of statistical data. 
(6) Compile and print statistical reports and publications. 
(7) Other matters related to statistics.

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