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OCAC offices
Department of Overseas Community Affairs
Publish Date: 2014/02/20
Update Date: 2017/07/26

As one of the fundamental policies stated in ROC's constitution, our government has always placed great emphasis on promoting the general welfare and benefits of overseas compatriots. Therefore, OCAC, has been established 86years since 1931. To achieve the goal of constructing a global service network for overseas compatriot affairs, along with the installation of OCAC, the Department of Overseas Community Affairs, named at its inception the Department of Overseas Chinese Management, was inaugurated with a mandate to facilitate and strengthen interaction and connection between OCAC and overseas compatriots. In response to Taiwan's democratic development and changes in overseas policies, however, the organizational law of OCAC was amended several times, making the commissions of the Department of Overseas Community Affairs strengthened and diversified gradually. At present, the department has become prominently one of OCAC's significant departments.

Currently, the Department of Overseas Community Affairs covers four sections as following:

1.    North American Affairs Section
2.    Asian – Pacific Affairs Section
3.    European, African, and Central and South American Section
4.    Overseas Compatriot Affairs Section

Their main assignments encompass dealing with the services of registration and coordination of overseas compatriot associations of different attributes, constructing contact mechanism for them to stimulate interaction within the overseas community, helping to organize continental and regional meetings and activities annually for overseas compatriot affairs, invitational conferences for leaders of major overseas compatriot groups around the world.

In the hope of ensuring the overseas compatriot associations' sustainable development, the Department of Overseas Community Affairs has endeavored to nurture next generation of staff members of overseas compatriot associations as well. It hosts periodically visiting programs for overseas young professionals. Besides, it carries out the recognition and reward for acts of overseas compatriots as well.

To manage liaison services to overseas compatriot community, the department undertakes the implementation of recruiting and selecting for honorary positions of overseas compatriot as commissioners, senior advisers, advisers and coordinators as well. To unify their strength and enhance further connection and interaction between OCAC and those honorary members, the Department of Overseas Community Affairs hosts periodically continental and regional conferences for them, such as symposiums or panel discussions for their better communication and stronger supports.

In addition, to expand the depth and breadth of the work of OCAC and to assist overseas compatriots to adapt and integrate in local mainstream society, 16 Culture Centers of Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices (TECO) have been set up worldwide , providing cultural education to overseas compatriots, advisory services to new immigrants, and counseling to overseas compatriot affairs. The Department of Overseas Community Affairs undertakes the implementation of handling the administrative matters of the culture centers of TECOs and providing them guidance and assistance to unify the strength of the overseas compatriots.

Following the footsteps of liberalization and globalization, since the year 2016, the Health Checkup Consulting Service (僑胞安心計畫) was launched by the Department of Overseas Community Affairs, integrating the domestic medical resources to provide medical checking and consulting services to overseas compatriots. In this way, OCAC is in the hope of assisting in the globalization and international visibility of Taiwan's medical services, and providing more comprehensive services to our overseas compatriots.

OCAC emphasizes not only on overseas compatriot community affairs, it also pays attention on enhancing mutual understanding and connection between compatriot communities at home and abroad. In response to our present policies and for the purpose of nurturing our next generation's leaders for international affairs, the Department of Overseas Community Affairs has launched the Program for the Taiwan Youth Practice in the Overseas Community (臺灣青年海外搭僑計畫), so that the participants can broaden their international vision by visiting our culture centers of TECOs abroad. Moreover, the department has enacted the Overseas Caring Program (僑界關懷救助協會計畫) as well, building a global caring network of overseas compatriots to provide assistance to any national who is ill or injured abroad.

To accomplish the creeds of " Wherever there are overseas compatriots, we are always at service", the Department of Overseas Community Affairs has devoted to our mission indefatigably for more than 85 years. And it will go on fulfilling its commitment to our people, enhancing its services to the overseas compatriot community and playing the role of bridge between compatriots at home and abroad.

Organization chart

Contact Information:+886-2-2327-2828

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