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Bilingual Glossary
Bilingual Glossary
Publish Date: 2014/03/09
Update Date: 2017/05/12

Bilingual Glossary 僑務委員會雙語詞彙對照表

No. English  中文
1 Overseas Community Affairs Council,Republic of China(Taiwan) 僑務委員會
2 Department of Policy Research and Development 綜合規劃處
3 Department of Overseas Compatriot Network Service 僑民處
4 Department of Overseas Chinese Education 僑教處
5 Department of Overseas Compatriot Business Service 僑商處
6 Department of Overseas Compatriot Student Counseling 僑生處
7 Secretariat Office 秘書室
8 Personnel Office 人事室
9 Civil Service Ethics Office 政風室
10 Accounting and Statistics Office 主計室
11 Information Management Office 資訊室
12 Overseas Community News Agency 華僑通訊社
13 Legal Affairs Committee 法規會
14 Overseas Compatriot Identity Endorsement 僑居身分加簽
15 Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate 華僑身分證明書
16 Certificate of Chinese Ethnicity 華裔證明書
17 proof of Chinese ethnicity 華裔證明                        
18 Professional Medal of Overseas Community Affairs Council,Taiwan (R.O.C.)  華光專業獎章
19 Hai-Hwa Medal of Overseas Community Affairs Council,Taiwan (R.O.C.)  海華榮譽章
20 Honored Friend Medal of Overseas Community Affairs Council, Taiwan(R.O.C.) 華僑之友榮譽章
21 Celebratory activities 慶典活動
22 Commissioners' Conference of Overseas Community Affairs Council (CC-OCAC) 僑務委員會議
23 Commissioner, Overseas Community Affairs Council 僑務委員
24 Senior Adviser, Overseas Community Affairs Council 僑務諮詢委員
25 Adviser, Overseas Community Affairs Council 僑務顧問
26 Coordinator, Overseas Community Affairs Council 僑務促進委員
27 International Conference on Internet Chinese Education (ICICE) 全球華文網路教育研討會
28 Overseas Traditional Chinese Characters Festival 海外正體漢字文化節
29 Chinese Learning Biweekly 僑教雙週刊
30 全球華文網
31  Overseas Chinese Culture and Education Foundation 海華文教基金會
32 e-Learning Portal for Chinese Education 華語文學習網
33 Goodwill Mission 文化訪問團
34 Cultural Training for Overseas Youth Volunteers 海外青年文化志工培訓
35 Overseas Youth Summer Camp 海外華僑(裔)青少年夏令營
36 Overseas Community Business Network (Taiwan) 全球僑商服務網
37 Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund 海外信用保證基金
38 Overseas Taiwanese Cuisine Restaurant 僑營臺灣美食餐廳
39 The Overseas Youth Vocational Training Workshop (OYVTW) 海外青年技術訓練班
40 Taiwan Alumni Associations /Alumni Associations of Taiwan Universities  留臺校友會
41 The Overseas Compatriot Student Counseling Circle  僑生服務圈
42 The Chinese Language and Literature Studying Program 語文班
43 Taiwan Study Tour 臺灣觀摩團
44 The English Volunteer Program 英語服務營
45 The 3+4 Vocational Education Program for Overseas Compatriot Students  3+4僑生技職專班
46 The Cooperative Education Program in Vocational High Schools for Overseas Compatriot  Students 高級中等學校建教僑生專班
47 The Industry-Academia Cooperative Education Program for Overseas Compatriot Students 產學攜手合作僑生專班
48 University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students (UECOCS) 海外聯合招生委員會
49 Individual Application 個人申請制
50 Joint Assignment 聯合分發制
51 Preference List for Joint Assignment 聯合分發校系志願表
52 Assignment Procedure 免試分發作業
53 Macroview TV Contest 金僑獎
54 OCAC News 僑務電子報
55 Registration and coordination of overseas compatriot associations  海外華僑團體登記聯繫
56  Preservation of welfare and benefits of overseas compatriots  海外僑民福利及權益維護
57 Recognition and reward patriotic acts of overseas compatriots 海外僑民及僑團一般愛國事蹟之獎勵
58 Liaison and coordination services for overseas compatriot associations in Taiwan 國內歸僑團體聯繫服務、歸僑協助
59 Volunteers for overseas compatriot education  僑教志工
60 Overseas Chinese investment  華僑回國投資
61 Overseas  compatriot student status 僑生身分
62 The studying activities for Overseas Compatriot Youths 華裔青年返臺研習活動

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