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Global Information Service Website Privacy Policy
Global Information Service Website Privacy Policy
Publish Date: 2014/03/07
Update Date: 2014/04/16
You are welcome to visit the portal site of the Global Information Service Website of the OCAC. We will absolutely respect and protect your privacy.

When you browse the webpages, download files or register membership on our website, we will never collect any personal data of you, but will record the IP address of the user, the time of access, the webpages browsed and other similar data. These data are used for gross analysis of website flow and network behavior investigation.

Its purpose is to improve the quality of our service and we will never perform analysis of any individual user. When you use e-mail to report something or appeal to the Director (Director-general) Mailbox, the Service Mailbox or the Network Maintenance Mailbox, your personal data will be used for contact purpose only, and in no case will they be disclosed to any other organization.
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