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Opening Ceremony for OCAC's 2016 Tea Beverages and Light Meals Culinary Training Course
Publish Date: 2016/08/18
Update Date: 2016/08/18
The 2016 Tea Beverages and Light Meals Culinary Training Course hosted by Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) was organized by the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism(NKUHT). The opening ceremony was held on August 15 on NKUHT's campus. It was co-chaired by OCAC's Department of Overseas Chinese Business Director-General Shu-Hwa Wong, and university vice president, Chiang-Tung Pan. The course was attended by 34 trainees from 14 countries.

On behalf of OCAC, Mr. Wong extended a warm welcome to the trainees. He noted that the course, carefully planned by NKUHT, featured a stellar lineup of veteran chefs to coach the trainees on preparing their set menus featuring Taiwanese cuisines and exotic dishes. The trainees also went on tours to visit celebrated businesses specializing in teahouses and bistros, through which they enjoyed a constructive exchange of learning. Mr. Wong encouraged trainees to travel across Taiwan for more sightseeing, experience the progressive development that marks Taiwan over the years, and apply what they learn when they return to their places of residence, in a bid to expand their business visibility, boost their entrepreneurial efforts, and enrich overseas community gatherings.
OCAC's Department of Overseas Chinese Business Director-General Shu-Hwa Wong (sixth individual from right in front row) and NKUHT Vice President Chiang-Tung Pan (seventh individual from right) joined the trainees for a photo.
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