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Shoe collection for African children launched at Taoyuan airport
Publish Date: 2017/05/11
Update Date: 2017/05/11
Taipei, May 10 (CNA) A campaign to collect used shoes for African people, especially children, to protect them from jigger infection was launched at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Wednesday, the organizers said that day.

A ceremony to mark the activity -- which will run from May 19-23 -- was held at the airport, Taiwan's main gateway. The collection drive is being organized by the Tasa Meng Duty Free Shop and the Step 30 International Ministries.

The ceremony was also attended by Abraham Samoei, chief executive officer of the non-government Kenyan organization Joyful Women Organization, which is dedicated to empowering women.

Those wishing to help can go to the lobby of the airport's Terminal 2 to donate their used shoes. The shoes will be collected from 12 p.m.-6 p.m. May 19-23.

The Tasa Meng Duty Free Shop, which operates several stores at the airport, urged people to donate their unwanted shoes to help people in need.

This year's activity follows a successful campaign that took place at the airport last year.

Step 30 International Ministries is a Taiwanese non-government organization that has been promoting the Used Shoes Save Lives initiative in recent years, which encourages the public to donate unwanted footwear to African children to protect them from jigger infection.

In many countries in East Africa, millions of feet are infected with jigger fleas, which burrow under the skin and toenails, where they lay eggs and leave painful sores that can sometimes result in death, the charity says on its website. The solution is shoes, it adds.

Under the Used Shoes Save Lives initiative, the group has sent shoes to people in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, according to the website. 
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