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President sends 10th tweet calling for Taiwan's WHA participation
Publish Date: 2017/05/09
Update Date: 2017/05/09
Taipei, May 8 (CNA) President Tsai Ing-wen was on Twitter again Monday to call attention to Taiwan's bid to attend the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA) and its desire to contribute to the international community.

Tsai has previously tweeted a similar message nine times in English and Japanese, calling for the international community to support Taiwan's bid to attend this year's conference to be held in Geneva May 22-31.

Monday was the last day for online registration to the annual conference.

Tsai's tweet on Monday was the second in her WHA Twitter campaign in Japanese, following one on May 3.

The president said Taiwan has cared for the health of many people in inferior medical environments in the past, and it hoped to take part in this year's WHA in the spirit of contributing to the international community.

President Tsai also re-tweeted a message in Japanese by Frank Hsieh, Taiwan's representative to Japan, who said that Taiwan needs to take part in the WHA, the decision-making body of the World Health Organization, for the sake of the health and safety of Taiwan and the world.

Taiwan first attended the WHA as an observer in 2009, a year after the government of former President Ma Ying-jeou came to power and pursued a more conciliatory policy toward Beijing.

Since then, Taipei has sent a delegation to Geneva every year but has not yet received an invitation to the upcoming meeting.

Last year, Taiwan received a late invitation to the WHA just weeks before the Tsai government took office.

That invitation contained an unexpected reference to United Nations Resolution No. 2758, passed on Oct. 25, 1971, which recognizes the People's Republic of China as "the only legitimate representative of China to the United Nations" and expelled the representatives of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

There have been concerns that Beijing might try to block Taiwan's invitation to the WHA this year in light of the increasingly strained relations between Taiwan and China since Tsai took office on May 20, 2016. 
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