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Tsai tweets in Japanese to promote Taiwan's WHA participation
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Taipei, May 3 (CNA) President Tsai Ing-wen shared a video named "Leave No One Behind: WHO cares, Taiwan cares" and tweeted in Japanese on Wednesday.

The tweet says Taiwan has long shared its knowledge and experience with other countries and contributed to the global health system, which Tsai called "Taiwan's story."

This year's World Health Assembly (WHA) will kick off on May 22 with registration ending on May 8. The Republic of China (or called Chinese Taipei in former WHA meetings) has yet to receive an invitation from the World Health Organization's Secretariat.

Tsai started to tweet messages to the international community on April 29, calling for attention to Taiwan's interest in participating in the WHA, emphasizing Taiwan has made contributions and continues to contribute to the global health system.