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Myanmar Chinese school principals and teachers visit the OCAC
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Wu (middle, front row) received a group of Chinese school principals and teachers from Myanmar.
A Li (5th from left, front row) led the group to visit the OCAC and was received by Minister Wu (7th from right, front row).

Led by Principal A Li, a group of principals and teachers from Chinese schools in Myanmar visited the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) on April 19 and was received by Minister Wu Hsin-hsing. Wu told them that Taiwan is a free democratic country and has an excellent learning environment. 

Wu stated that the DPP government has provided more higher education channels for overseas compatriot students from Myanmar and carried out related deregulation, allowing them to enroll in universities and colleges in Taiwan, or take part in the Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program and the Vocational Education Program for Overseas Compatriot Students to learn a skill for their career. 

He went on to say that the OCAC has supported overseas compatriot education in Myanmar for many years. He expressed the hope that the principals and teachers can help overseas compatriot students in Myanmar see development and opportunity in Taiwan, together with the OCAC creating a bright future for the next generation.  

A Li said that Chinese schools in Myanmar face the problem of lack of teaching equipment, teaching materials and teaching staff. He thanked the OCAC for helping improve the teaching environment in line with the needs of each school, together promoting the development of Chinese education overseas.

Myanmar has 153 Chinese schools with over 70,000 students. Taiwan is a prime option for higher education for them. At present, students from Myanmar are admitted into higher education in Taiwan through University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students and can come to study if the test is passed.