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Taiwanese trekker who went missing for 47 days ready to return home
Publish Date: 2017/05/02
Update Date: 2017/05/02
New Delhi, May 1 (CNA) A Taiwanese trekker who went missing for 47 days in the Himalaya is ready to return to Taiwan, a hospital in the Nepali capital of Kathmandu said Monday.

Grande Hospital, where Liang Sheng-yue  has been recovering since his rescue on April 26, said that Liang was doing well and that he and his father, who flew to the hospital to be with his son, had taken care of the discharge procedures.

According to the hospital, Liang, who lost 30 kilograms during his ordeal, spent most of his time in hospital reading and resting.

Liang, 21, and his girlfriend, Liu Chen-chun, 18, arrived in Nepal from India in late February and began their trek in early March. Their families in Taiwan lost contact with the couple after March 3 and formally requested help on March 15 after they failed to establish contact as scheduled on March 10.

Liang said that on March 11, or three days after they embarked on the trek, they encountered heavy snow at an altitude of 4,000 meters. They tried to get down the mountain to find shelter when Liu fell off a cliff and plunged 200 meters into a ravine.

They were unable to climb up again and stayed in a cave to wait for assistance. Their food only sustained them for two weeks, after which they had only salt and water.

The couple cheered each other up, saying that they must survive to tell their story. Liu even told her boyfriend that should one of them die first, the survivor should eat the other to stay alive.

Liu died three days before Liang was found on April 26 by a team of experienced rescuers when they spotted vultures circling above the cave where the couple took refuge.

Liang was said to have fleas in his hair and maggots in his leg when he was rescued.

Liu's family also went to Nepal and will bring her ashes back to Taiwan in the next two days. 
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