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President thanks Guatemala for staunch support of Taiwan
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Taipei, April 25 (CNA) President Tsai Ing-wen on Tuesday expressed appreciation to Guatemala for its staunch support of Taiwan, while receiving a visiting delegation from the central American nation.

The delegation was led by Brig Gen. Williams Mansilla Fernández, Guatemalan national defense minister.

The president said that since Mansilla assumed the post of minister in August 2015, he has continued to promote bilateral military exchange and cooperation between Taiwan and Guatemala.

President Tsai also said that when she visited Guatemala earlier this year, she was impressed by its beauty and the passion of its people.

She said that Taiwan and Guatemala have been partners for a long time and Guatemala has always stood up for Taiwan in the international community no matter how great the pressure to do otherwise.

Tsai also noted that both countries cooperate in the areas of trade, social welfare, infrastructure and medical care.

Taiwan and Guatemala have also always cooperated closely in terms of military academy exchanges, the president said.