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Father of Indonesian obese boy thanks Taiwan for offer to treat son
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Jakarta, April 25 (CNA) The father of an obese boy has expressed his thanks to Taiwan for extending a helping hand to his son.

After it was reported in the news that the boy's parents worried their son could die from obesity, Taiwan's China Medical University Hospital and the Jakarta Taiwan Entrepreneur Association contacted the boy's family to offer to treat his obesity and cover the medical expenses.

The boy's father, Ade Somantri, in an interview with CNA Tuesday, expressed appreciation for the kindness of the Taiwanese hospital and the association.

He noted that his son, Arya Permana, 11, received a sleeve gastrectomy at Omni Hospitals in Bandung, three weeks ago, and is currently recuperating.

The father said that if the boy's treatment in Indonesia is not effective, he will consider traveling to Taiwan.

The boy, from west Java, was born a normal baby, but a serious illness at five led to big physical changes.

He began to develop an enormous appetite and needs to eat more than five meals a day, with one meal the equivalent of two normal adults meals.

This caused his weight to surge to 192 kilograms and the media dubbed him the world's fattest kid.

His mother said the boy is always hungry and often tired. He complains of breathing difficulties and spends most of his time eating or sleeping.