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Japan, U.S. top sources of professionals in Taiwan
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Taipei, April 24 (CNA) Taiwan had 31,025 foreign professionals with work permits in the country as of the end of 2016, with white-collar workers from Japan, the United States and Malaysia the top three sources, according to Ministry of Labor statistics released on Monday.

There were a total of 8,575 Japanese professional workers, accounting for 27.64 percent, followed by 5,251 Americans (16.93 percent), and 2,684 Malaysians (8.65 percent).

The No. 4 to 10 sources were the Philippines (4.85 percent), India (4.70 percent), South Korea (3.49 percent), Canada (3.36 percent), the United Kingdom (3.33 percent), Hong Kong (3.03 percent) and Indonesia (2.72 percent).

As for the locations that issued the work permits, 13,711 permits were issued by Taipei, accounting for 44.19 percent of the total, followed by New Taipei with 10.03 percent of the total, Taichung with 9.45 percent of the total, and Taoyuan, with 8.51 percent of the total.

Among the over 31,000 permits, 24,133 were held by men (77.8 percent) and 6,892 by women (22.2 percent).

Of the total, 19,191, or 61.86 percent, were held by university graduates, 5,334 were held by high school graduates or below (17.19 percent), 5,006 were in the hands of people with master degrees (16.14 percent) and 1,494 were held by doctoral degree holders (4.82 percent).

A total of 17,868, or 57.6 percent, of the permits were held by people for professional and technical work, 4,875, or 15.7 percent, were for teachers in cram schools, and 2,530, or 8.2 percent, were for executives in investment enterprises.

The top four fields worked in by the professionals with work permits are education (25.24 percent), manufacturing (20.43 percent), the wholesale/retail sector (18.61 percent) and the professional, scientific and technical services sector (11.96 percent). 
(Courtesy of CNA)