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Minister Wu Hopes Malaysia’s HMI Helps Promote Taiwan’s Medical Care
Publish Date: 2017/04/24
Update Date: 2017/04/24

Led by Executive Chairman Dr. Gan See Khem, and accompanied by Da tuk James Lau Kong Chiok, President of the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Taipei, a group of seven people from Malaysia’s Health Management International Ltd (HMI) paid a visit to the Overseas Community Affairs Council on April 14. The group was received by Minter Wu Hsing-hsin who said that the quality of Taiwan’s medical care is recognized internationally. He expressed the hope bilateral medical care cooperation can be established between Taiwan and Malaysia to promote Taiwan’s excellent medical care. 

Wu stated that the good quality and reasonable prices of medical care and health care services in Taiwan induce many overseas compatriots to return to Taiwan for retirement. He added that the New Southbound Policy is enhancing and deepening Taiwan’s relations with Southeast Asian countries in many ways. Through talent cooperation, economic and trade integration, technology connection, cultural exchange, resources and market sharing, a win-win situation can be achieved. The New Southbound Policy is further spreading the renown of Taiwan’s medical care and an increasing number of people from the Southeast Asia are coming to Taiwan for medical treatment.      

Dr. Gan said that Taiwan’s excellent medical talent training environment is extremely important for the development of medical care in Malaysia. Taiwan has nurtured numerous doctors and medical talent for Malaysia, including many doctors of HMI. She said HMI hopes to recruit over 200 overseas compatriot students studying in Taiwan or Taiwanese to work in Malaysia at the 2017 Job Fair for Southeast Asian and to strengthen its cooperation with medical institutions in Taiwan in the future.   

Wu (right) received the group led by Dr. Gan.
Wu (4th from right) pictured with the group from HMI and Lao (4th from left).
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