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Wu Hsin-hsing Encourages Overseas Compatriot Young Entrepreneurs to Help Taiwan Prosper
Publish Date: 2017/02/18
Update Date: 2017/02/18

Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) Minister Wu Hsin-shing attended a farewell dinner for the participants in the 2017 Startup Workshop for Overseas Compatriot Young Entrepreneurs. He called on them to play the role of backbones who enthusiastically serve overseas compatriots, and to help Taiwan take its rightful place on the international stage. 

Wu said that joining the Workshop was beneficial in terms of self-development and assuming a leadership role in their place of residence in the future. They were encouraged to help the government take care of overseas compatriots and display professionalism and international vision in local society, showing the full potential of the new generation of overseas compatriots.

Wu also talked about inheritance in the overseas community, mentioning that the parents of many participants had actively served overseas compatriots in their country of residence and assisted the government of Taiwan in earlier years. He called on everyone to take up the baton from their parents, speaking out on behalf of Taiwan, striving to protect its rights and interests, and promoting citizens’ diplomacy so that Taiwan’s positive image overseas is carried on.

The Workshop was held in Taipei February 5-9 and was attended by 52 young entrepreneurs from 21 countries on six continents.

Wu made a speech at the farewell dinner for the participants in the Workshop.
Wu (middle), accompanied by Wong Shu-hwa (left), Director-General of the OCAC’s Department of Overseas Chinese Business, greeted young entrepreneurs.
Roy Leu Yuan-rong, the Vice Minister of the OCAC, hosted the General Discussion of the Workshop.
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