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Wu Hsin-hsing Celebrates Lunar New Year with Compatriots in Osaka
Publish Date: 2017/02/14
Update Date: 2017/02/14

The 2017 Overseas Community Spring Festival of Lunar New Year in Osaka was grandly held at Osaka Chinese School on February 5. A number of officials from Taiwan and Japan were in attendance, including Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) Minister Wu Hsin-hsing, Deputy Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Japan Chang Jen-joe, Director-General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Osaka Chen Shin-yang , and PM of House of Councillors Azuma Toru. The rainy weather didn’t stop over 5,000 overseas community leaders, representatives, compatriots and friends in Kansai from joining the event. 

Wu first wished them a happy new year and said that such a good attendance testified to the success of Taiwan’s effort to conduct citizens’ diplomacy in the Osaka overseas community. He quoted the Chinese saying “Wealth comes from being involved with water” to express the hope that everyone will become wealthy. Overseas compatriots were also encouraged to have their Japanese friends visit Taiwan to enjoy the good food and feel the warmth of the people. 

The Festival formally began after the celebratory barrel of sake was broken open. At the venue, in addition to a large number of Taiwanese snacks stands, the organizers invited New Image Theater Group from Taiwan to perform traditional acrobatics to entertain the compatriots and foreign friends with Taiwan’s traditional culture. A lion dance, folk dance, erhu performance and a lucky draw added to the excitement.

Minister Wu made a speech at the Festival.
Wu (second from left) hit and broke open the lid of a sake barrel with guests to inaugurate the event.
Wu cheered on vendors selling Taiwanese snacks at the venue.
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