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Apply for the 2017 Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program now
Publish Date: 2017/01/24
Update Date: 2017/01/25

The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) has been holding the Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program in July since 2006. The Program brings overseas youths to Taiwan to teach English in remote junior high and elementary schools, giving them a chance to see the beauty of Taiwan and experience the warmth of its people.

The program will be organized by the OCAC and the Hakka Affairs Council from July 1 to 29, 2017 and, roughly 420 volunteers will participate. The registration period is February 1-28.The prospectus and application form can be downloaded from the section Activities and Study Programs for Overseas Youth on the OCAC website or the Program website After filling in the form, please submit it to the ROC representative office or Culture Center in the place of residence.

Now the parents of participants will share their thoughts on the program.

Written by Li Huang

It has been two months since Sydney came back from her 2016 summer AID camp from Taiwan. I will never forget what she told me one day at home about the camp: "this is so far the best experience in my life." I was quite moved but not surprised by her statement. It brought back all those memory of daily texting and Line message with her.

I remember her texting about how tired but how happy she was at the same time. There was worry and scare of typhoon. There was the helpful hand of the young guy in serves. There were friendships she developed with her team AID volunteers. The kids they were teaching are so smart and cute. The food were delicious. All these wonderful experiences were reflected in photos from her, Facebook, websites of AID and her school. My heart went light every time when glancing those pictures.

I am really grateful for this opportunity the AID camp gave to Sydney. She could learn more about Taiwan, her father's home. I can tell the past two summer's trips to Taiwan had formed a feeling of connection in her. She told me she hoped she can speak Chinese better when she was with relatives and friends in Taiwan. Now she is a freshman in college. She is taking a Chinese course. I am sure there will be more trips to Taiwan in her future. I recommend this program to all teens wish to do volunteer work overseas. The program is well organized and executed, which is also both fun and educating. I hope in exchange the volunteers also brought positive experiences to the schools and young students they served. Thanks again for the AID organizers and other supporting parties who helped bring the success of camp 2016.

Apply for the 2017 Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program now
Apply for the 2017 Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program now
Apply for the 2017 Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program now
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