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Six themes to be highlighted at 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival
Publish Date: 2017/01/25
Update Date: 2017/01/25
Taipei, Jan. 23 (CNA) Six themes will be showcased at the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Yunlin beginning on Feb. 7: LOHAS lifestyle, my hometown, a history of puppet shows, 100-meter puppet show platforms, religious prayers and local handicrafts.

This year's festival, which will run until Feb. 19, is organized around the themes "friendly earth, diversified cultures" and "lantern festival hometown," according to the organizers. It is titled "Ji Ming Yun Yang"  -- "Auspicious Call that Rises into the Clouds," a name that resonates with the lunar Year of the Rooster (Ji Nian).

The "friendly earth" theme will be showcased in the "LOHAS lifestyle" lantern display area at Yunlin Agriculture Expo Park, which received the 2015 Taiwan architecture top prize. The lanterns will be arranged to show how Yunlin and the people who live there have changed over the years and to express the local vision of a LOHAS lifestyle.

The theme of "diversified cultures" will be on show in three lantern display areas that feature "my hometown, a history of puppet shows, 100-meter glove puppetry platforms and religious prayers."

In the "my hometown" area, the lanterns will display the history, environment and products of Yunlin's 20 cities and townships, from mountains to plains and coastal areas, indicating how Yunlin become one of Taiwan's main agricultural centers.

Visitors can learn why Yunlin is the hometown of Taiwan's famous glove puppetry in the "history of puppet shows" area, where two 8-meter and four 4-meter puppets provide an intriguing mixture of artistry and technology.

In the "100-meter puppet show platform" area, visitors will be shown how the platforms are made so they have a better understanding of Beigang's 300-year history marked by the annual Beigang "Goddess Matsu parade."

Organizers will try to impress potential visitors by showcasing 100-meter-long lantern cars in the form of puppet show platforms, electric lantern cars and platforms with people in them.

"Religious prayers" lanterns, made by religious groups from around the county, will showcase religious freedom, tolerance, inclusiveness, local believers and temples -- where many Yunlin residents spend a lot of their time.

"Local handicraft" lanterns, spanning from Beigang's Chaotian Temple to nearby bridges and along lanes and alleys to the township's waterway cultural park, will showcase local folklore, building techniques, history and culture. (Courtesy of CNA)
Six themes will be showcased at the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Yunlin beginning on Feb. 7.(Photo courtesy of CNA)
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