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2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival to stage simulated puppet show
Publish Date: 2017/01/21
Update Date: 2017/01/21
Taipei, Jan. 20 (CNA) The 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Yunlin County will feature a puppet show area as part of efforts to promote Taiwan's traditional theatrical arts, the county government said on Thursday.

The area, located at the festival's Huwei site, will showcase two giant lanterns in the shape of Taiwanese puppet show characters Su Huan-jen and Luo Hou, which are 8 meters and 4 meters high, respectively, according to Yunlin County Magistrate Lee Chin-yung.

The lanterns are designed with mechanically movable heads and hands and will interact with each other and visitors in a puppet show simulation, Lee said.

The lantern festival will be held at two sites: the main one an agricultural park in Huwei Township and the secondary location the neighborhood around Zhongshan Street, one of the oldest areas in Beigang Township.

The Huwei site will be open from Feb. 11-19, while the Beigang area opens on Feb. 7 until Feb 19. (Courtesy of CNA)
The 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Yunlin County will feature a puppet show area. (Photo courtesy of CNA)
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