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ROC passport ranked 28th in passport power index
Publish Date: 2017/01/17
Update Date: 2017/01/17
Taipei, Jan. 16 (CNA) Republic of China (Taiwan) passports have a power ranking of 28th, indicating a relatively high level of travel freedom for its citizens, according to the Passport Index created by financial advisory firm Arton Capital.

The index's visa-free score represents the number of countries a passport holder can visit visa-free or with a visa on arrival.

Taiwanese passport holders can visit 119 countries around the world without having to obtain a visa in advance, up 10 from 2016, earning the passport a power ranking of 28, the same ranking it had in last year's survey.

But because individual power rankings can include more than one country, the 119 countries accessible to Taiwanese passport holders without a visa ranked 63rd among the countries in the survey.

The passports of Germany had the highest power ranking, giving their holders visa-free access to 157 countries.

The passports of Singapore and Sweden ranked second, providing visa-free access to 156 countries, followed by Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States in third (155 countries); Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal and Japan in fourth (154 countries); and Malaysia, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand in fifth (153 countries).

Among other Asian countries or areas, South Korea's passport ranked sixth (152 countries), Hong Kong's travel document ranked 18th (139 countries), Brunei ranked 20th (134 countries) and Macau ranked 31st (115 countries).

China's passport had a power rank of 66th, with visa-free access to 57 countries, tied with Indonesia, Mongolia, Ghana and Uganda.

The least desirable passport with a passport power rank of 94th and visa-free access to only 23 countries was Afghanistan. (Courtesy of CNA)
Taiwanese passport holders can visit 119 countries around the world without having to obtain a visa in advance.
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