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Google Maps now shows real-time transit updates in Taiwan
Publish Date: 2017/01/11
Update Date: 2017/01/11
Taipei, Jan. 10 (CNA) Google Maps, the free online mapping service provided by Google Inc., began Tuesday to provide real-time public transit schedule information in five major cities around Taiwan, the company announced that day.

The service providing up-to-date information about arrival and departure times for buses and trains to users of Google Maps is available in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and Kaohsiung, and will be extended to more cities, including Tainan, in the future, the company said.

The new app allows users to ask for directions to a given location and Google Maps will automatically queue up a variety of public transit options, including scheduled departure times for different buses and trains. Users can also press bus or train icons on the map to view departure and arrival times, according to the company.

This is designed so that users can plan journeys more efficiently with real-time transit updates inside the Maps app, it added.

Users can get the service in three steps. First, open the Google Maps app with their Android device or iPhone. Second, search for a destination and then choose routes or click the icon of transport options which show departure and arrival times and routes for trains and buses.

Third, users can search for an alternative destination by clicking the search icon on the map.

Google Maps claims 1 billion active users per month, providing real-time traffic flow conditions in 100 countries and providing Google Street View, which covers information on 8 million kilometers of highways and roads around the world.

Google Maps uses information sourced from over 1,000 reliable data providers, according to the company. (Courtesy of CNA)
Google Maps began Tuesday to provide real-time public transit schedule information in five major cities around Taiwan.(Photo courtesy of CNA)
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