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Taiwan to streamline visa application process for foreign professionals
Publish Date: 2016/09/09
Update Date: 2016/09/09
Taipei, Sept. 8 (CNA) President Tsai Ing-wen said Thursday that Taiwan will make it easier for foreign professionals to obtain work visas and permits, as part of an effort to attract more overseas talent.

The effort includes the establishment of a website that allows foreign job seekers to search for employment opportunities at private companies and government agencies in Taiwan and obtain information about the general living environment in the country, Tsai said.

In particular, the green energy industry interested in attracting foreign professionals, the president said in a meeting in Taipei with representatives from the semiconductor industry at home and abroad, including Denny McGuirk, president and CEO of the U.S.-based Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).

Tsai said her administration is aggressively pushing green energy development by amending relevant regulations and creating an environment that would facilitate the industry's growth.

As part of that effort, the government will make it easier for that sector and others to hire foreign talent, she said.

The government will expand the list of countries that are eligible for online visa applications, and streamline the visa and work permit application process, thus making it easier for foreign professionals to work in Taiwan, Tsai said.

She also said that Taiwan is a well-developed economy with great economic potential, which makes it an ideal partner for global chipmakers.

The semiconductor industry is one of the main drivers of Taiwan's economy, Tsai noted, saying that the government will do all it can to address the issues facing chipmakers. (Courtesy of CNA)
Tsai Ing-wen said that Taiwan will make it easier for foreign professionals to obtain work visas and permits.(Photo courtesy of CNA)
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