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Overseas Compatriot Youth Activities
2016 Young Filipino Firefighters Camp - Return to Taiwan for Emergency Rescue Camp
Publish Date: 2016/04/13
Update Date: 2016/04/13
To effectively integrate government resources, strengthen communication with overseas Chinese youth, and engage them in community service activities, Overseas Community Affairs Council(OCAC) and the National Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior joined hands to host the 2016 Young Filipino Firefighters Camp between March 21th and March 26th .The camp was re-attended by 32 Chinese businessmen volunteering as firefighters and young firefighting trainees, as they took part in fire rescue drills, the demolition of vehicles, lifesaving knowhow and a series of professional rescue trainings. The trainees unanimously agreed that they have learned much from the experience. 

The trainees wrapped up their exercise at the Center, and then visited Mr. Roy Yuan-Rong Leu,Vice Minister of OCAC afterwards. The Vice Minister commended the volunteers' commitment to ensuring community safety, stating that the professional training at the Center would surely bolster these devoted volunteers' rescue performance, enhance rescue service quality in the Philippines, and that they'd be a voice for the Republic of China and a strong backing for the overseas Chinese community upon their return to the Philippines, as they commit to ensuring the livelihood and property safety of their comrades.

Head of the camp, Mr. Sy, Peter C., expressed that due to the longstanding support of

OCAC to Chinese volunteer firefighters in the Philippines return to Taiwan to fine-tune their rescue skills, and apply what they learn to practice. He noted that the volunteer corps, a private organization, does not have the professional equipment and training program offered at the Center; the trip, therefore, is immensely constructive for trainees. Meanwhile, the trainees also expressed their heartfelt thanks to OCAC and the National Fire Agency of the Ministry of the Interior.
The Minister joins the trainees for a photo-op.
Mr. Roy Yuan-Rong Leu,Vice Minister of OCAC, presents OCAC`s emblem flag to the head of the 2016 Young Filipino-Chinese Firefighters Camp.
OCAC Deputy Director-general presents certificate of training to the head of the camp.
Trainees learn to contain the fire (a simulated drill).
Trainees learn the operating the fire hose.
The cultural visiting at Da-Dao-Chien of Taipei City.
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